Sale, multifunctional building, 362 m2, Lučenec, Dr. Ľ. Bazovského 255 000.00 EUR suggest a price

Building for sale in the center of Lučenec

We offer for sale commercial space in the historical center of Lučenec. The building is 3-storey with a floor area of 362.09 m2. It consists of 3 separate spaces: 2 non-residential premises on the ground floor with an area of 68.04 m2 and 44.32 m2 1 two-storey non-residential space with an area of 126.43 m2 +123.30 m2. Parking is secured directly in front of the building on its own land, the building also includes part of the Artistic Springs and access roads with a total area of 1 727 m2, the possibility to use as additional parking spaces. The second access to the building is secured by a real burden. The building underwent partial reconstruction in 2016 - floor replacement on the 1st floor, renovation of the facade and roof, installation of lighting.

  • Price 255 000.00 EURdohodou suggest a price
  • Submitted 1/11/2019
  • Offer no. AR-028K-000115
  • Cadastral subdivision LUCENEC
  • Location Lučenec úplne centrum
  • Total surface of the lot 1727 m2
  • Total floor surface 363 m2


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SLOVAK DEVELOPMENT s.r.o. Dunajska 2 81108 Bratislava Phone: 0905343812
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